• 27/09/2016

    All classes will be suspended on 1 October 2016, National Day, thank you for your attention.

Dancing In Fun

Matching with daily life examples, this course aims to provide a relaxing and interesting environment for students to dance along with music, which can enhance student's ability in recognition of colors and shapes.

SDM Flagship Center Opening Offer

To celebrate the grand opening of SDM Flagship Center in One Island South, we are delighted to offer 2 months for free upon enrollment of 6-month course! Join us now!

Coming Soon.
Should there be any query of courses, please contact us at 2528 2222. Thank you!
Irene Wong

I attend playgroup with my daughter. I am impressed that she can follow the instruction of tutor in shaking her body happily. Through the course, I wish her discipline and body flexibility can be improved.

Jack Wu & June Chan

I am delighted that my elder daughter Jay Jay can participate in SDM annual performance and got “Student Improvement Award”.

Zac Kao

I choose SDM for my kids because of its wide school network, there is a SDM school near our home which is really connivance in bring them to school and pick up.

Shirley Yeung

My daughter Krystal is only 20 months old when attending playgroup. She can practice body balance and social skill during classes.

Wonderful World for Animal Orchestra

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Graduation Ceremony

We had invited pop singer JW and hottest little model Keicy as SDM graduation ceremony guest performers.

RTHK Summer Program Opening Ceremony

In the ceremony, our kids were dressed up as cartoon character. Artists including Andy Hui,  Ken Hung and C all start all loved their dancing performance and styling.

Happy Mother's Day Mall Event

Our cute students participated in the event with singer Jinny Ng, celebrating happy mother's day with the public.

Pok Oi Hospital Board Inaugural Dinner

Students were one of the performance guests of the inaugural dinner, we all had a fabulous night.

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