【SDM 特別通告】


【SDM 特別通告】




本院一直為 Pre-school 至 Jazz 3 同學提供網上課程 E-Dance,歡迎現正參與該級別實體課程的學員加入,詳情請向所屬分校同事查詢。


Dear Parents,

In response to a recent public health emergency in Hong Kong, and taking into account the safety of all teachers and students, all SDM centres (25 centres) will be temporarily closed for disinfection and cleaning.

All classes will be extended and the schedule for full resumption is to be confirmed. The online course E-Dance is as usual.

We will keep track of developments and take appropriate contingency measures. SDM will announce all the updated information and publish on SDM Website www.sdm.hk

SDM has been offering E-Dance to pre-school to Jazz 3 students, and students who between these levels are welcome to join. Please contact us for further details and registration.

Be Strong! Be Safe! Be 2gether!

SDM Jazz & Ballet Academie
12th July 2020

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